About SASA

SASA, which is an acronym for School Achiever Scholarship Awards, is a group of scholars from HELP University College, Kuala Lumpur. Initiated in 2005, these scholarships are awarded annually to holistic, all-rounded achievers among students.

Our organization consists of about 100 students aged 17 to 19, who are currently pursuing pre-university programs at HELP University College.

The year-long SASA program includes event management and internship hours with the college’s Customer Marketing Department, team-building activities, various workshops towards holistic growth and charitable initiatives as well.



This organization gathers teenagers who are indeed capable of contributing to society.  Being young, we have time and energy to offer, we work towards creative and resourceful action, we are fuelled with pure passion and we believe anything is possible with adequate efforts.



The SASA Gives Back project was introduced in 2010 as a channel to contribute to society. It has become increasingly pressing for youth to understand the issues affecting society and to act accordingly in the ways we can.

Our project differs from others because we engage directly with communities in need. We carry out year-long efforts, with weekly engagements with our beneficiaries and various fundraising events.

This year, we have chosen the cause of “Children and Education.”



Beneficiaries: Orang Asli in Taman Negara & Orphans of Rumah Shalom, Puchong

The scholars of 2010 wanted to give back to society. They introduced this charitable initiative and chose to reach out to the poverty-stricken community of Malaysia. Various fundraisers were held to raise money for included sales of T-shirts, crafts and snacks, a pool tournament and charity bazaar activities.

During the project, students learned to appreciate the luxuries of city life, while contributing groceries and everyday essentials to the families in that village. The students also engaged with both communities directly, which was a learning experience like no other.



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