From our Tutors

It’s been over 6 months since since SASA Gives Back began tutoring at these charity homes, and the first-hand experience of working with the children has been simply amazing. From the heart-warming hugs to the inspirational progress that the kids have made, these are the moments that keep SASA Gives Back running.

Please click on the following pages to read stories of these experiences at the different homes.

Yayasan Sunbeams Homes

Ti Ratana Welfare Homes

Trinity Children Centre Home

Please click on the respective pages to view slideshows of the complete experiences at each home!

Not only are these photos beautifully taken by our photographers, we are certain that all of the teachers and the kids alike had tonnes of fun being in the pictures. One can actually see the timeline progression from raw acquaintances to being so comfortable with each other, from the pictures. Let’s just appreciate the fact, that even long after we’ve stopped teaching the kids, the memories live on through these lovely shots, and more importantly, through our hearts.


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